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Empowering women in need – stories from Wild Ideas Trust

Stories of hope, optimism, and women’s empowerment from one of our producers, Wild Ideas Trust.

Sustainability is not only about protecting the environment but also about taking care of the people around us. That is one of the reasons why we work with Wild Ideas. They create our universal cleaner soap bars and palm leaf baskets. The trust provides work opportunities and empowers women and youth facing difficulties.

Kalvani (picture to the left) is one of the women at Wild Ideas who makes our universal cleaner soap bars. Several years ago, Kalvani’s husband abandoned her and her children, leaving them with a mountain of unpaid loans. The heartbreaking state of her starving children and threats from aggressive debtors made her desperate to find a job. Luckily, the path of despair led her to Wild Ideas, where she has now been working for years. The debts, which Kalvani’s husband left her with, have been repaid. Kalvani’s children are also happier as they are now well-fed school children.

Kamala (picture to the right) is another strong lady who creates our products at Wild Ideas. Suffering from epilepsy, her husband is unable to work. Hence, their family had to deal with costly medical bills. Like Kalvani, Kamala too was in dire need for a stable income when she came to Wild Ideas. Today, Kalvani is able to provide for her family, thanks to Wild Ideas.

By working with Wild Ideas, we are indirectly helping women like Kamala and Kalvani to support their families. Each product is filled with love and pride from the women's hands. On the boxes or tags attached to our products made at Wild Ideas, you find the name of the women who made the item.

We must all help each other out and assure that we live in a fair world as one big family living in one home, planet earth.