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How to use our soap bars - the secret of the foam

Are you curious as to how you should use our soap bars for body, hair and face? Scroll down to find out!

All our soap bars last at least one month. A soap bar is actually equivalent to about three liters of liquid soap, so make sure to use it correctly and dry it between use. Here, Fredrik will show you how to use them:

Body wash bars

Our body wash bars are concentrated and therefore highly efficient. Washing the body with a soap bar is quite straightforward. We recommend rubbing the bar on a loofah or cloth since you can create foam easier this way, thus avoiding overusing the soap.

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Shampoo bars

Using a shampoo bar is all about the foam.

- Wet your hair

- Rub the bar between your hands

- Put the bar down

- Foam up the soap in your hands

- Massage the foam into your hair

- Rinse the soap off well

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Face bars

Our face bars efficiently removes makeup, pollution and impurities.

- Rub the bar between moist hands

- Leave the bar

- Foam up the soap on your hands

- (or rub the bar directly on your face, leave it, and massage the soap on skin)

- Massage the foam around your face

- Rinse off with water

- Moisturize the skin

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It is important to let the soap dry between use. Water will break the bars down, but if you keep your soap bars dry, they last longer and stay delicate.

Place the bar on a soap dish that allows water to run out. A loofah stub is also perfect to place between the soap bar and the dish if the latter does not let water run out. There are also several soap dish hacks to make your own perfect soap dish - we'll post these hacks later, so stay tuned!