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Know your producer - Saahas Zero Waste

All our soap bars are packed in eco-friendly boxes made by Saahas Zero Waste, a socio-economic waste management company.

Products: Boxes of  all soap bars

Saahas Zero Waste is based in the southern part of India, and fights for a circular economy. Together with various partners, Saahas Zero Waste develops smart solutions to convert waste into functional products. 

We are one of the partners - together, we have created boxes made with recyclable paper without glue and very little ink. The boxes' design ensures that they can be reused or composted without any negative consequences for the environment. 

Picture from Saahas Zero Waste's Instagram page

We are proud to be working with Saahas Zero Waste, as they won the Indian Circular Economy Awards in 2019. We feel that our ideas are in accordance with theirs, as we both embrace the zero-waste lifestyle by creating sustainable alternatives for our customers.

By coorporating with companies like Saahas Zero Waste, we make sure that you can easily live a zero-waste life!