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Why Vegan?

Vegan means that there are no animal-derived ingredients in the product and no animal testing of the products. Why is this good?

The quantity and the forms of animal cultivation today are in imbalance with what is morally acceptable and with what the environment can sustain. Animal-derived ingredients are not only found in food, but also in cosmetics and many other products we use daily. Many products are also tested on animals, a cruel and unnecessary practice.

Previously, we have written about how plastic is priced far lower than its true cost (read here).

It's also the case for animal products. If animals in farms were to be treated well, products would cost more than they do today. There is a trade-off between animal welfare and the price-tag, and animal torture is a consequence of this. Animal farming also accounts for a considerable part of greenhouse gas emissions, just like plastics.

Our products are plant-based and free from both plastic and animal products.

We want to contribute to a fairer world for every living being through sustainable and ethically made soaps.