The natural loofah body scrub gives you a perfectly balanced exfoliator and massaging scrub. It scrubs away dead skin cells and helps increase blood circulation which contributes to smooth and clean skin. Next to being a great body scrub it's 100% plastic-free and without potentially harmful synthetics. The loofah lasts for a long time. Hang it to dry between use. We recommend replacing it after about 6 months maximum. The loofah can be fully composted.


The loofah is perfect in combination with one of our soap bars. Simply rub the loofah over the soap bar before using it as a body scrub. The loofah will help you use the right amount of soap on your body.


This set comes with 3 loofah body scrubs. 


Raw material

Our natural loofah scrubs are made with the vegetable, ridge gourd. A vegetable in the pumpkin family that grows in central India.



Our partner takes the local ridge gourds that are for various reasons not edible and turns them into loofahs by drying them under the sun, peeling them,  and cleaning them. Our partner runs a small facility that providers work opportunities to people in the surrounding areas. 



Read more about our loofahs and check out our user guide.

Natural Loofah Body Scrub - set of 3

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100% sun-dried ridge gourd vegetable